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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

2014 so far/ Depression


 I have been extremely busy in 2014 so far! i have been in 2 shows, got to the third round of INTOPs auditions, spending time with friends and of course lots of studying and coursework!

However today i'am writing about depression; I used to find it impossible to understand how people felt depressed when living in such an amazing world, but know i understand completely. I have always been introverted therefore loving to be by myself but was happy enough to socialize and meet new people. But recently i have been finding it harder to do so. I find its better to let my friends have fun without me as i would just ruin it, like iam not important anyway. But then i have to remind myself that they're my friends for a reason - they want to be around me. Luckily i don't suffer from bad depression i just have my days but there are so many people who do.

I remember once i was out on a school trip with a close friend of mine and she decided to ask the teacher whether children or teenagers could have depression, the teacher quickly replied '' Of course not, children are free and have no troubles - its adults who suffer from depression'' what she said has stuck with me for a long time - but for all the wrong reasons. I find it incredible what she said, how has she not seen the suicidal rates in young adults?how has she not heard of cutting or child line? Maybe she just didn't want my friend to worry, either way she should not of said what she did. My friend did suffer from depression and the teacher had just made it worse, made my friend now feel like shes the only one when she wasnt.

Personally i think the main priority for people suffering from depression is support, even if they dont have the courage to speak up people need to keep there eyes out for people who do have depression. Many a time it might just be a persons personality but on the off chance there could be a possibility of saving someones life, even by just lifting there mood just that tiny little bit.

So just smile and spread that smile to the people around you and that very smile could make someones day :)

    Make the most of life, Rosa Jane

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