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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cheetah Make up Tutorial

I was looking online for a simple tutorial for this cheetah make up look but couldn't find one, so i thought i would post one of my own :) All the products i used :
Maybelline New York dream sun bronzer in brunette,
Real techniques stippling brush,
Rimmel London 9 in 1 BB cream,
Maybelline eye eraser concealer,
Maybelline New York gel eyeliner in black,
Rimmel London Professional eyebrow pencil in brown,
Estee Lauders eye shadow brush,
Rimmel London Exaggerate waterproof eye liner pencil,
Rimmel London glam eyes eye shadow palette in 002.

1. Start by using a concealer and cover any dark circles or blemishes ( i'm using Maybellines eye eraser with my real techniques stippling brush) I went under my eyes, the tip of my nose till between my eyebrows and over my chin.


2. Now dot a BB cream all over your face and blend in, including the top of your neck. ( Real techniques stippling brush, Rimmel londons9 in 1 BB cream)


3. To highlight use a concealer which is lighter than your skin tone and place along the top of your jaw line, the whole of your nose and up to where your eyebrows meet, between your top lip and bottom of your nose and cover over your eyebrows - my eyebrows are very dark so you can still see them but if its possible try to make it so they are not visible. (lasting perfection concealer) Now you should look really pale but don't worry that's what the bronzers for!

3. For bronzer use a eyeshadow brush and shade in your jawline, just above your temples, under your jaw and along the sides of your nose carrying on to fill the whole lid of your eye, blending in any sharp edges.


4. Now taking a light brown eyeshadow shade in your whole eyelid up to your eyebrow, then taking a darker brown shade in just your eyelid and finally taking a dark brown/black eyeshadow colour shade in a triangle shape at the outer corner of your eyelid.

5. Next we are going to create the cheetahs spots. So using a brown eyebrow pencil create random dots and cheetah mark shapes all over your face. I think its most effective to put larger dots over your forehead and along your cheeks and smaller ones under your eyes and on your chin.

6.  Now back to the eyes, using a black eyeliner pencil create a large cat eye on top of your eye starting from just inside your nose and make sure the cate eye flick follows the eye shadow up. Also go under your eye create a very thick line connecting to the cat eye flick. If you want feel free to go over your cat eye with gel eyeliner to make it darker.

7. Going back to the spots, taking a gel black eyeliner and small angled brush go over the edges of the brown eyebrow pencil spots. However don't go around the whole spot only certain corners and outlines.


8. Using the same brush and gel eyeliner draw on the nose by creating two arch shapes and filling them in, then draw a line from the base of your nose to the top of your lips no bigger then your cupids bow and then fill in your lips black.

9. Finally the spots on the cheeks, simply take the same angled brush and gel eyeliner as before and make small circles shapes from your cupids bow outwards.

Thats it, hopefully my instructions make sense, i would also love to see your versions of this look. I think its perfect for any fancy dress do and would look so classy with a simple black dress and chunky heels with a crazy hair do. Please let me know your thoughts or any way i can improve my make up tutorials, many thanks  :)

Make the most of life,   Rosa Jane x


  1. Fun make up! :)

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    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

    1. Checked out your blog, its amazing! defiantly what i inspire to achieve one day, have a lovely day :)
      Rosa Jane x