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Friday, 18 April 2014

Pop art Make up Tutorial



This is a very popular look online so i thought i would recreate it as simple as possible :)

Products i used:
Rimmel london lipstick by kate moss in 02,
Rimmel london 9 in 1 BB cream,
Seventeens deep red lip gloss,
Maybellines eye eraser concealer,
Rimmel london clear complexion transparent powder,
Rimmel london exaggerate black eyeliner pencil,
Real techniques stippling brush,
Maybelline Ney Yorks gel eyeliner in black,
Collection luscious lashes,
Benefit They're real mascara,
Benifit cheek tint,
Lasting perfection concealer,
Benefit pore professional primer,
Rimmel london white pencil eyeliner
Faber castell water colour pencils

1. Time to get started, above is my oh my goodness i have no make up on face! First take your concealer and conceal any under eye circles and blemishes. Then take your BB cream and dot over your face and blend in with your stippling brush.

2.  Now with a shade of concealer that's lighter than your skin tone highlight along the top of your cheek, under your eyebrow, over your chin and along and up the tip of your nose.

3. Take your gel eyeliner and using a angled brush fill in your eyebrows, making the edges as sharp as possible. Then draw a small cat eye flick on the top of your eyelid. Next take your pencil eyeliner and line the inside corner of your eye and your waterline.

4. Time for spots! Take your white pencil eyeliner and draw spots all over your face (simple really) i found it most effective to go in diagonal lines across starting at my chin. You can choose whether to stop at just your face or carry it on till the base of your neck.

5. Now we get artistic, using the blue from the water colour pencils, dip it into a cup of water and create a tear shape under one of your eyes, then outline with the gel eyeliner.

6. With the same gel eyeliner and angled brush draw on the lines - one on your jawline, one outlining your collarbone, one along your nose and one just at the crevice of your nose. Repeat this on the other side of your face.

7. Lips!!! Using a red lipstick fill in your lips then outline using the gel eyeliner and angled brush. If you want you can even add a whiter patch on your lips using the white eyeliner pencil. Now draw a black line with the gel eyeliner just inside your ear and finally stick on your false lashes following the instructions on the pack.

8. If your only working on your face your finished! but if not get hold of the yellow and red watercolor pencils, take the yellow and write 'pow' just below your collarbone - however do not do this in the mirror! Otherwise the words will be back to front (I found this out the hard way!)  Then go around the yellow 'pow' with the red, creating sharp points all around. Once again use the gel eyeliner to outline all of this including the word 'pow'.You could also put an exclamation mark at the end of this just for that extra touch.

And your finished! :D

Hope my instructions make sense! If not feel free to ask any questions in the comments :)

Hope you having a nice day and, 
Make the most of life, Rosa Jane x


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